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Meet Adam

Following a long and arduous path, Adam Graduated in 2016 from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Media Arts & Animation. Ever since he was a child Adam always wanted to be an artist and animator. Family would come first for Adam, starting a family left him having to start his career in the arts later in life. Knowing he always wanted to pursue his passion, he worked tirelessly to continue his path.


The arts never passed him by, he would still continue to pursue his love of the arts even without a degree. Growing up in Baltimore cartoons were his life, needless to say not much has changed for Adam. He is still the goofy kid inside today that he was then, never grow up too much he often says.


Experienced in Graphic Design, Website Design, Oil & Acrylic Painting, Photography, and Graphic Animation. Currently Adam is available for freelance or full time for a great company, contact him today for your next project!




"Surely you can't be serious?! 

I am serious... and don't call me  Shirley" - Airplane!